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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 11, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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their affair blossomed over an on-line game you play with friends but police say, words with friends soon became sex with teacher. and what the two were playing wasn't in the rule book. tonight a math teacher, marie johnson, is in scale for having sex with a former student. as you can imagine, parents at the school are stunned tonight. live at the high school in livermoore with more. >> student say marie johnson is a popular teacher. someone student feel comfortable talking with. now she is expected to answer it sexual assault charges in court friday. tonight some students and parents say it is just hard to believe. >> i feel bad that, if this is true, if this did happen,
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because nothing's been proved yet, that it could -- it punishes teachers in general. >> high school parent is ked,oc livermoore policeer arrested 40-year-old marie johnson mr. class wednesday accusing the math teacher of having a six-month-long sexual relationship with a student under age 15. police say the relationship ended in may and investigators learned about it tuesday. student call johnson mrs. j. many are worried for her son who also attend the school. >> i'm worried for her son. he will get a lot of questions. but what are you going to do. >> johnson was understanding and fun. >> class was fun. she was really -- like she was friendly with us. she was a cool teacher. i liked her. i never would have thought. >> johnson is accuse id of 24 count of sexual assault. police say the encounters
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happened in her car in livermoore. investigators say it started with text messages, communication on facebook and with the game, words with friends. the school does not have a facebook policy and even under the circumstances, parents don't know if the school needs one. >> i don't have a problem with my son being friends on facebook with a teacher. if he needs advice or help with something, then it is an easy way to get to them. >> some students are defending johnson on-line, urging others it wait for proof before judging. the principal notified parent of the arrest and says counsellors. ing on campus thursday. >> i'm sure you can imagine this is very difficult for everyone involved. >> the school district put johnson on administrative leave. livermoore police do not believe there are additional victims, but they are encouraging parents to talk to their kids to be sure. >> thank you. meanwhile whb wb a san jose
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teacher will be in court facing charges that he sexually assaulted a girl. police arrested and charged craig chandler yesterday. he worked at the school for nine years, teaching a second and third grade combo class. he is still in jail tonight. >> a case gripping a community. now an alameda mom could face criminal charges in connection with the deadly dui crash. police say she bought minors the alcohol that led to the collision. it happened last february but investigators arrested 51-year-old amelia chin and 45-year-old be a dual books of south an fran. the woman reportedly went into a liquor store and purchased alcohol from the store clerk with the help of amelia chin. chin is the mother of one of the friends. a few hours later, she was killed in crash. the driver was arrested for
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drunk driving. >> talk about cashing in on someone else's loss. squatters are moving in on foreclosed homes all akroos the bay area and getting ultimate composite from banks. renters used fake documents to collect cash for keys from financial institutions. live in antioch, there are suspects related in custody tonight? >> reporter: that's true. antioch police are calling this a crime of opportunity. but one group of neighbors are telling me tonight they will do everything they can to protect the american dream. >> i have seen them remove young people, various types, block, white, doesn't matter, coming out of the house with handcuffs. >> michael leon and watchful neighbors say they knew this home in antioch was going to be trouble when the homeowner moved out a year ago. >> we've had several houses that have been broken into, so we decided to put together a neighborhood watch. >> their efforts paid off. police raided the home tuesday
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and found a house full of stolen items and foalen car outside. three people were arrested. one of them claimed he was renting the home. >> he presented a lease. it was determined that lease was very suspect. >> police say the lease was a phony document. and the three people arrested in the case appear to be involved in a scam dubbed cash for keys. that is when criminals move into foreclosed homes and banks pay them thousands of dollars if move out. >> i think most of the banks just know that these folks shouldn't be here. >> they pay them. >> it is easier just to pay them to get out. >> it goes on all the time in bay area neighborhoods where there are hundreds of bank-owned homes nestled in nice neighborhoods. >> in a bank pays somebody $5,000 to just leave a house, leave it in good condition, what could occur, if they don't do
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that, is all of the apply uns are gone. i'm aware after house in our town where all of the copper piping was taken out of it. >> if you suspect someone is squatting or living illegally in a home contact your police department. nbc bay area news. >> a former realtor caught on video, allegedly stealing from a 12-year-old girl's room will be in walnut creek courtroom tomorrow. douglas john was arrested back in november, police say, for taking items in open houses. the man accidentally nabbed by halle prichard who set up a webcam it try and catch her sisters from taking things from her room. instead, it was the man she spotted rummaging through her drawers. he is now charged with first degree burglary. >> copper thieves are dimming the streets of sunny veil by stealing valuable wire from light poles. tonight, the department of
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public safety is warning people that those thieves could be disguising themselves as utility workers. at least six thefts occurred over the past few months. mainly in the commercial area. the copper thieves have taken about 16,000 feet of wire from sunny veil light poles. it is worth more than about $21,000. copper prices spiked last year to more than $4 a pound causing uptick in theft across the country, including here in the bay area. thieves can sell the copper to most metal recyclers. >> they are calling it a kinder camp out. tonight many parents are already lining up at a school in santa clara. for kindergartenen registration that begins tomorrow morn ppg it is first come first serve and parents are afraid their kids might be shut out. we bring in bay area's george, and we have seen this in the past few years.
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what happens to the kids who don't get in? >> there are more than 20 parents right now braving the cold and they will stay overnight. this is called the kinder camp out because they really want to make sure their kids get in as kindergartners. there are four classes with roughly 120 seats here in santa clara. here is the deal, if the family has one child enrolled, the other child will have no problem getting in. but this is first come first serve demand for seats and that's why these parents are camping out to secure a spot. >> expecting about 117 or 18 families to fill 120 seats. we are concerned we may or may not get in so we want to make sure we get in. i want our daughter and children to grow up under neighborhood school. that's how i grew up. and by v a great, great wonderful community. and if i'm going to live here, i'm going to send my kid to the
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school in the neighborhood. i don't want to go anywhere else. >> this is similar to where there was a camp out and the school did notes to deal with overenrollment. bit way, doors open at 9:00 in the morning and these parents will be more than ready. nbc, bay area news. >> best of look for those parents. nonsmoking 101. smoking cigarettes will soon be banned on all ten university campuses. the ban will be rolled out in stages 0e6r the next twoaers to help uc folks quit gradually. now tobacco companies won't be allowed to smoke in anything owned or rented by the university either. some 600 campuses nationwide have banned smoking all together. >> he fought back and one. a peninsula pet owner jumps in to save his dog was being attacked by four pitbulls. tonight he tells us what saved his life and the life of his dog. >> i'm thinking, aught rill rig
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need to get up. >> tonight,er? regard butler opens up about his accident while filming the maverick's movie. >> fate hangs on the human touch. >> good evening. record setting highs. 67 in oakland. potential here of more record-setting lows tomorrow. well talk about when rain could return plus the give way it s in just minutes. find out who the big winner is coming up.
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new night at 11. last week san jose and tonight a high-tech sweep in alpleeda county. the task force calling silicon valley internet crimes against children is accredited with arresting four men in knee mont and newark. we are told that 35 detectives from seven agencies worked together to focus on the cluster of suspects who allegedly shared images on line. >> my investigators o go on-line and end up downloading child porn from the suspects. we find them because a majority of suspects use what is called peer to peer file sharing. which in essence, allows them to share files and receive files. so the investigators go on-line, they find them and they download from their shared foalers. >> we reported last week that four men were arrested in child
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porn in san jose. >> we will never fly again but he does have a good future ahead of him. he will be used to help kids overcome fear of creatures just like him. this is bugsy. a bat with a severely broken wing. he was found in half moon bay barn last august np bugsy nursed back to lael nl in hayward, he won't be able to fly but he will be used to educate kids about the importance of bats. the nature center said bats are so sensitive, they can die even if just touched by humans. he has already defied the odds though. >> doing great. his biggest challenge is he will not eat on his own. so he has to be hand-fed 20, 30 mill worms one at a time everyday. so he is a bit of work to keep. but he is a pretty special bat. i've been here for 27 years and this is the first one ever brought under for rehab. >> experts say bats are rarely
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found in the wild which makes once living in captivity even more special. >> how far would you go to protect your dog? one man fought off four pitbulls who were attacking his dog. the pitbulls broke into the man's backyard on the peninsula. >> four pitbulls managed to get into this backyard and went straight after his dog, rocky. >> it was nerve-racking. i didn't snow if they would make him bleed or really injured. >> one person grabbed rocky by the neck. he went out to save the dog and put his own at risk. >> that sticker was this small rake. he struck one of the pitbulles with it but that didn't seem it phase any of them. >> they didn't even stop. >> he narrowly escaped, grabbed rocky and let him into the house. all of this while he was fighting off rocky's canine attackers. >> animal controls fsers were
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able to get the dog back to the owners. >> he felt bad about the situation and he never wanted that to happen. >> it is very dangerous for them to be out there. god for bid if my son would have been out there. i don't know how it would have ended. >> a new secure fence has been put up. but the pitbull's owners says he plans to give way his dogs. >> thankfully it was a safe outcome. well if you need a job, here is your chance. a target sign marks the spot. beginning tomorrow morning, retail giant targ will host a three-day job fair in newark. target plans to hire ahead of their store hoping in fremont. the job fair will be at the target store in newark tomorrow through saturday. >> the cost of your morning glass of orange jut may leave a
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bitter taste in your mouth. . one problem is weather related. . the u.s. produces 50% of the world's orange juice while brazil does more, 33%. a fungicide used on orange tree says prompting the united states to block the orange juice that contain that particular chemical or fungicide. >> a shock chapter in bay area history is being relived on stage. it was opening night after new play about the assassination of former san francisco mayor. the director of this play, his son, seated on the right. that's john, it is called ghost life. it premiered at burkely met theater. it is truth and fiction to tell the story after son dealing with the assassination after father. the mayor was killed in 1978
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along with supervisor milk. john, worried that his father had been forgotten, following the movie about harvey's life. it was only while working on the play that he realized that wasn't the case. >> think that's one of the beautiful things about this whole experience for sme that i realize how much how much he hasn't been forgotten. i love that. >> he says the play is hard for him to watch at times but is also healing. and my deep sources, connections, it was a fantastic opening night. >> sounds like a good show. very interesting. >> let's turn things over to jeff. to talk about it's really cold the past few mornings. >> you know with the unique thing about this is we have had record-setting daytime highs an record-setting lows. a huge contrast of temperatures from when we start to when we finish. we are setting up yet again for isolated 20s. levels at 32347 nap with a. 32346 fairfield.
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30s and 50s across the peninsula. you are dropping quite a bit through the next six, seven air hours. for thursday, another 40 degree jump in those numbers definitely could set us up with more record-setting temperatures by this afternoon. here is the good stuff. we are still expecting a little bit of rain coming up in the forecast. as we look outside, he can we do have cloud cover. shower activity off-shore los angeles. it is still clear for us, not only in the bay area but well off to the north and well off-shore. storm track still remains across alaska. we won't see any big shift in this. at least right now. high pressure staying with us the next 48 hours. and this dome of war air associated with high pressure. that sits over us through thursday and friday. even into parts of saturday. or by all accounts, mild weather. temperatures in the 60s over the
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next two days. cold starts with sunny finishes by the afternoon hours. another spare the air day. we can't get wind or rain to stir up the atmosphere. could be a tough day. if you suffer from allergies. we are expecting the worst level hes of air quality for our forecast. that's for tomorrow, starting off with the coldest levels. santa rosa with 29. 32 in gill roy. and also 37 here into san jose. four a daytime high, on our thursday. we are looking at close to 30 degrees. 46 in fremont. 62346 san jose. mid 60s near menlo park. right up to the beautiful city of san francisco, 64. down in jack london square, looking at mid 60s as well. unusually sunny skies for this time of the year. 66 in isn't a rose why. and 66 in sonoma.
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more at nbc tuesday, a chance of isolated showers possible by wednesday. so we could get in on measurable rain fall here across the bay area. all right, you guys, time for like watch and win give away. tonight's winner is enya shea. congratulations. you are now the proud owner of a a 14 mega pixel camera. you want to win, go to our facebook page and good to facebo tomorrow night's prize a kendall fire. way to go, kenya. >> you were on fire. >> oh, yeah. >> a diverse group. in san francisco, lots of people from the east. >> i would love to give all of our viewers this stuff, but you know -- >> oh, so you're not giving it away. >> i wouldn't have added that. i would have taken the credit.
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>> thanks, a lot, jeff. >> up is gerard butler next, is the day that changed his life forever. [ male announcer ] for some reason
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weeks after been seriously injured in a surfing accident near half moon bay, actor gerard butler is talking about his experience on a british talk show. >> as i was there, surfing a couple big waves and suddenly these waves came out of nowhere. i'm with three of the best surfers in the world and they are going bat paddle, paddle. and i'm paddling and it came about 30 feet high. and just dives in and it took me. >> that was at maverick's. butler said he was under water for about a minute and it was difficult for rescuers to get to him. he was shooting a movie called of men and maverick. >> wow. scary. >> yeah. let's bring in scott reece now from our com cast newsroom.
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and coming into town tomorrow, right? >> yeah, maybe scarier than 30-foot wave but 9ers worried about drew brees. we will tell you all about that and hugh jackson speaks out a day after his firing. what the frai rairde coach regrets about his brief tenure in oakland. r
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hi, everybody. scott from the comcast sports newsroom. no picnic for defensive personnel. the mighty saints office that will grace the field at candle stick on saturday. now the 49ers have to figure out a way to contain drew brees would lacked up more than in any other season ever. mh as he demands attention,
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the new orleans running game cannot be ignored. >> one thing you don't get enough press on is running game. a lost their passes are set up because they can run the ball. so big challenge for us a as we stop on the run. snrsz they just sat down after pressure drew. >> if you have a defense like the guys that we have, i don't think you really have to worry about anything. they are going to show up. i believe in them. i just keep my faith in it. they are -- i m mean, they have talent. there's a lot of talent over there. >> hue jackson is not one to keep his feelings bottled pup to jackson's credit when he stepped in front of the nfl cameras today, he didn't take shot at the raiders, mike davis or reggie mckenzie. but that's not to say there are no regrets. >> i was a little surprised. i do understand the nature of pro football. sometimes things that look like
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they should don't always end up like they should. so irunderstand. i mean, the raiders did me a favor by giving me an opportunity, al davis did. and i thank him for it. what a tremendous organization. the people there are awesome. the people at 12:20. i understand the nature of this business. i wish it went in a different direction, but it didn't. >> he was the field good story of last year's giant season. now ryan can feel good about staying put. san francisco, all-star to-year deal with reported $8.3 million with options for 2014. finishing last year with fourth best era in the league. the highest profile giants remaining arbitration eligible, see if those deals get done in short order. spring training just about five weeks away and we haven't seen a drop of rain.
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how about it? >> we could play because ball right new. >> we are talking about the 49ers. have we checked in with pge at all? will the lights be on? >> i think they have a back up generator or two in place. but after all of the buildup, let's just play around. seriously. >>hank t you, scott. >> y
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finally tonight, normally corporate giants wants to keep hackers out of their company. it is all about competition. facebook is inviting the best hablgers in the world to the third annual maccer cup. >> registration is now open for the contest which starts january
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20. finalist are invited to menlo park. last year more than 11,000 people participated in this event. >> i think out of three offous, the only one with a chance is jeff. >> one of my neighbors was a computer hacker. you did not want to mess up. >> cold in morning? i will need my mitten is. >> yes, frosty and 20s. >> thank you, see you tomorrow. >> bye-bye. ♪ going to the bank without going to the bank... that's a step forward. with chase quickdeposit on your smartphone,
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